Love Faith Hope

These 3 Things Must Have To Live


God is Love, Love is God. How life would it be if there’s no love on this earth. How can you enjoy life if there’s no love. I can’t imagine myself living without a feeling of LOVE.

The feeling of to love and to be loved is something that can’t able to buy for you to know the real feeling. It is a special feeling for a special person that creates a wonderful and happy life.

You must have a special and definite reason why do you exist on this earth. You are not here for nothing.

You should value your life as it is precious gift from God. You are responsible of how to take care and nourish your life to the fullest.

So for you to be worthy to receive the great blessing from God when end of time is come.

Love must always be a special feeling to the people we love and care. It should be a magical feeling that can empower our personality to love more other people with goodness in our hearts.

Genuine love is hard to find as it is required faith, sincerity, honest and commitment until the end of time you live on this world.

To be continued…


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